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How to make maki rolls – the right way

23 Feb , 2015  


What you need:
nori (seaweed sheet for sushi)
bamboo rolling mat
rice – white medium grain rice
prepared for sushi
fillings – anything & any combination
you’d like;
cucumber, egg, crab meat, beef,
sausage, spinach, fishcake,
avocado, etc. etc.

Get the basic set
including 2 bamboo mats,
paddle and spreader


Get the complete kit
including everything you need
except the fillings

0_LayingSeawheat_69048681 Position a sheet of sushi nori on the bamboo .
 Get Set!!
1_SpreadingRice_60565770 Spread rice evenly across the seaweed sheet about 1/4 inches thick.
Leave about an inch of the sheet uncovered at the edge away from you.
2_LayingIngridients_61607607 Lay the ingredients near the edge closer to you.
3_Rolling_616155964_FirmShaping_61623862 Start to make the roll by picking up the bamboo pad.Apply even, light pressure as you roll the ingredients.
5_Slicing_62533954 Slice the roll about 3/4″ thick.
If the rice sticks to the knife and hinders smooth cut, wipe the knife with wet paper or kitchen towers.
Roll today & enjoy!!

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